As you can see, Prokleen Power Wash and Roof Cleaning is different than some other Pressure Cleaning Companies.  We
believe we can offer consumers more for thier money.  The added value of Insurance, Contractor Licensing, Modern
Equipment and the latest in Knowledge of Pressure Cleaning Techniques.

We can SAFELY and efficiently, produce better results at a greater value than trying to spend your whole weekend on what
is for us a controlled and routine process.

The Owner of Prokleen Power Wash Russ Spence was born in Selma Alabama in 1967 , worked in retail sales selling
Automobiles and Manufactured Housing winning many awards for excellence in both fields , in fact was the youngest Sales
Manager in his home town by the time he was 22 he was already in charge of Finance and Insurance at the city's largest
automotive retailer and at 23 was promoted to General Sales Manager with a large sales force , all of which were at least
15 or more years his elder. After leaving the automotive business to pursue a career in the Manufactured housing industry
he found himself on top of the game again being the first Sales Representative to reach the illustrious Million dollar club in
just 5 weeks , still feeling like there was something more for him he realized something was missing in his home town , a
professional cleaning company ! Thus Prokleen was born.

In 1996 Russ left retail sales in pursuit of a dream , a dream everyone in America has , a dream of owning and operating
his own business. He was not very successful at first then stumbled into a few big jobs here and there but through many
successes and failures he was able , with the help of the Lord and many many friends across the United States , to build a
business that he is  proud of. This business belongs to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and without him we would have
nothing anyway.

We at Prokleen Power Wash and Roof Cleaning work hard to ensure our customers get the best service their money can
buy. We offer Military and Senior citizen discounts as well as contribute hours of FREE work every year to those that are
less fortunate.

Our owner Russ Spence is Nationally recognized as a leader in the Field of Power Washing , Roof Cleaning and
Softwashing and is  an online Forum Administrator at The Pressure Wash Institute, which has more that 2700 + members
from all accross the United States that are dedicated to improving industry standards and teaching new contractors the
proper techniques to insure each job is done correctly , even if Prokleen Power Wash and Roof Cleaning is not hired to do
it. Why would you do that you ask ? The answer is simple because we at Prokleen Power Wash & Roof Cleaning care , not
only about the customer but our industry as well, and we want to raise the level of professionalism as high as possible to
insure quality is kept to the highest of standards.
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At Prokleen Power Wash and Roof Cleaning, we know how important it is to keep your property clean. That is why we have
dedicated ourselves to providing exterior cleaning services to both home owners and business owner alike. You can have
the full exterior of your home, office, building, hospital or even shopping mall cleaned by a professional power wash
contractor with the experience to do the job right and who can also make you money by restoring the value of your property.

Our services are available to residents who live in or around the Alabama area including West Georgia, North Florida and
East Mississippi. If that is where you reside, then there is a good chance that we can provide power washing services to
you for cleaning your house, driveway, deck or even your fleet of company vehicles or buildings up to 5 stories in height.
There are very few limits to the cleaning services we provide so feel free to contact us with your cleaning needs, whatever
that need may be.

We would like to thank you in advance for considering us. We service a large area and there are many choices, but few are
actually a wise one. True power wash contractors get harder to find each year and it is the loyalty of our customers that
keeps us going year after year through referrals and repeat services for new homes and maintenance on existing ones. So if
you live in Alabama  or the surrounding area just contact Prokleen Power Wash to get a
FREE estimate and we look
forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you , I appreciate you visiting our site and I look forward to working with you to earn your business and friendship,
"Your image is our business"